Week 8

                                          Onager vs trebuchet
This week we have been looking at the difference and similarity of the onager and trebuchet. We have gathered a lot of data , that we will share with you.

A difference between the onager and the trebuchet is that the trebuchet has a much longer arm so when it swings over to release the ball it goes much more slower.
The trebuchet can backfire. I wonder why it backfires?  It maybe has something to do with the way it's set up or the person pulling the rope.

The onager projectile has more velocity (which means speed),  than the trebuchet because the onager has a shorter arm.

Also they don't just have differences they also have quite a few things in common,  like they both have slings to release the ball and they both are fired by strings and they also both launch in the air.

In conclusion we found out that the onager is much more dangerous because it has much more speed and it goes higher than the trebuchet. So in the end we think that the onager won because the trebuchet has much less speed and fires much more slower.
By Maggie and Addison

The onager


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