Camp !!!!
It was a cold and rainy morning and I found myself standing at the top of the high ropes shaking. And you're probably wondering what is she doing up there? Well it all started when I was forced to climb to the top of the wrecking ball. Or maybe I was made to do it but anyway I did it and I loved it.

And did you know feeling proud isn't the only emotion I had? I was also very scared when the first. Night I got there people were ding dong ditching us. I was scared because I didn't know how it was but I knew it was someone was here .

I also felt very happy because I found myself one night at camp standing in a Mexican hat and a moustache. Well it all started when we were doing the quiz night and I had been the one to offer to be the runner. But it sounded really silly but I didn't actually know what a runner was, but in the end I found myself putting my hand up to wear a really crazy costume!


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