Responsible citizen

Responsible citizens
Are you a responsible citizen?
Because if you aren't I hope this will give you a good idea on how to be one .
Respect is a good one to start with if you don't respect anyone then everyone will be disrespectful to each other. If you do respect each other then everyone will respect each other and there would be no problem.  Someone I know that does this is Gabriella because whenever she see a piece of rubbish she picks it up straight away and puts it in the bin and she respects our environment .

Being a good role model If no one sets a good role model then no one would lessen and they would not know what to do. That's why if you are a role model then the little ones would copy you and no how to lessen more often. A person I know that does this is Ruby because when she's on the mat she sit quietly and everybody copies the way she acts.

Overall it's good to keep picking up rubbish because it keeps our environment clean forever. And it's good to keep being kind because then you'll get treated the same way.

By Addison.


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