My poem

I am a limo

I am a limo
driving my way down to fabulousness.

I am the Leaning Tower of Pisa,
trying to get up straight.

I am a phone,
that chats all the time.

I am a banana,
always monkeying around.

I am a  piece of pizza
with each topping unique .

I am a sock,
trying to get to the top of the basket .

Ko Addison ahau.


  1. Love your poem Addi limo ride to fabulousness and monkeying around and the sock trying to get to top of basket. Here's my poem I am a Dad sitting reading my daughter blogs late one night and feeling proud. Choice one Arohanui Dad xxxxx

  2. Great description! If I haven't known you, then I would be able to understand you, without even seeing you! I love the words you used, it's like your an adult! Amazing piece of writing Addison!


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