☺️Sibling rivalry☺️
                                 By Addison 21/8/17

Why do younger siblings always get what they want?
Like the most attention, but all I know is older ones get no attention.

Scenario:1 buttons on the lift…

Does your younger sibling howl at that the fact that you always get to push the buttons in the lift? I definitely know the feeling. One, because if you don't let my brother push the button. He’ll throw a fit like.. “NO!! I want to push the button! NO, let me do it! I want to do it!”
It's like they're the boss of buttons, every time they always get to push the button. But I don't know why!

Scenario: 2 They ALWAYS have to get what they want.

Why does he always have to get what he wants? “Mum can I get toot toot?” (That's what he calls a train).
         ☺️Sibling rivalry☺️
                                 By Addison 21/8/17

Why do younger siblings always get what they want?
Like the most attention, but all I know is older ones get no …

Week 9

Week:9 flipping frogs slingshots  rocket and angle launcher
This week we have been rotating around and creating  different types of projectiles like the flipping frogs , angle launches , and slingshot rocket.

About the slingshot rocket.
The slingshot rocket is an elastic and wind resistant toy. The slingshot rocket went further because it had less weight, and also people had been cutting rubber bands in half  to make their slingshot better than the popsicle sticks and rubber bands because it was a longer rubber band.

About the flipping frog.
This is a flipping toy made out of cardboard, paper clips, tape and an elastic band. We think the key materials are the elastic band and the cardboard because it helps it have elastic potential energy and the cardboard is the base of the frog.

About the angle launcher .
The angle launcher is a launcher which measures angle. There is about 3 ranges short range, medium range and the last rage is long( we weren't allowed to have it on long range…

Week 8

                                          Onager vs trebuchet
This week we have been looking at the difference and similarity of the onager and trebuchet. We have gathered a lot of data , that we will share with you.

A difference between the onager and the trebuchet is that the trebuchet has a much longer arm so when it swings over to release the ball it goes much more slower.
The trebuchet can backfire. I wonder why it backfires?  It maybe has something to do with the way it's set up or the person pulling the rope.

The onager projectile has more velocity (which means speed),  than the trebuchet because the onager has a shorter arm.

Also they don't just have differences they also have quite a few things in common,  like they both have slings to release the ball and they both are fired by strings and they also both launch in the air.

In conclusion we found out that the onager is much more dangerous because it has much more speed an…


Camp !!!!
It was a cold and rainy morning and I found myself standing at the top of the high ropes shaking. And you're probably wondering what is she doing up there? Well it all started when I was forced to climb to the top of the wrecking ball. Or maybe I was made to do it but anyway I did it and I loved it.

And did you know feeling proud isn't the only emotion I had? I was also very scared when the first. Night I got there people were ding dong ditching us. I was scared because I didn't know how it was but I knew it was someone was here .

I also felt very happy because I found myself one night at camp standing in a Mexican hat and a moustache. Well it all started when we were doing the quiz night and I had been the one to offer to be the runner. But it sounded really silly but I didn't actually know what a runner was, but in the end I found myself putting my hand up to wear a really crazy costume!


Week4: This week we are learning about the trebuchet. A trebuchet is a type of catapult. I noticed that when it moves, the ball  doesn't fall out when it swings over because the sling releases when a certain angle is reached. The ring connected to the sling slips off and the projectile is launched. I also noticed that the more weights we put in, the further it would go. The less weight we put in the less far it went. We also saw the wind was making a change to the flight path of the ball because the wind stopped it from going further than its full potential. I think my learning was multistructural .

Cheeky writing

I was stuck. The doors were  shaking. We were terrified. You're probably wondering how I got in this situation anyway well it all started with an argument.
 Me and my friend were mad at each other but I really wanted to say sorry to her so I called out to her “Aishani!” She came running over, she didn't look very happy at me though. I was shaking because I didn't know what to say to her. Then I had an idea I said “Can you come in this closet so I can talk to you?”
She looked at me and said “Fine.” We walked in the closet and she shut the door behind me. It made a  big click.  A few minutes  later we finished talking and we were friends again. When we went to go back out, I tried to open the door and it was stuck!  I tried to tell Aishani but she didn't listen to me. I shouted “Aishani it really is stuck!“ She walked up to the door and it didn't open. Then we started getting really scared and started screaming but everyone was outside so no one could hear. Eventuall…


Week 3:
This week we're learning about drag we Sellotape a Piece of paper to the balloon to see what happened in the end it went only halfway which I was actually thought it wouldn't move at all but in the end it moved half way .